Adventures With Bob

One thing that has been a constant since my daughter was born was her BOB Stroller.  We have actually had a couple because of moves and have traveled with them to multiple countries.  They hold everything and are perfect for all kinds of weather.  They were originally a jogging stroller, but trust me, nothing is better for a long day at Disney or walking on cobblestone road.  You feel secure that your child is safe.  They are very stable.  The tires are like bicycles and the amount of storage and accessories leaves your child riding in style and comfortable through kind of weather.  The Revolution single jogging stroller has been our choice but there are duallie strollers (for two children) as well. Our favorite accessories have been the travel bag (especially if you intend to fly with it), handlebar console, and rain cover.  

Here she is on one of our adventures. She chose her own outfit for our walk. 💕  
Do your kids have any items they have to take with them when you travel or go out for the day? Let us know their favorites in the comments!



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