Roses And Candles

Sometimes as a Mom, you need something special just for you. For me, it’s flowers and candles. They make me happy and the smell can be an instant mood lifter.  I’m a sucker for anything with roses & the candles from Diptyque are fantastic (though pricey).  🥀🌹 If you like the smell of roses, this candle is for you! It smells AMAZING! They have other scents, but I love the one below. You can get it in store or click the photo. It smells like fresh cut roses and is perfect for a bedroom, bathroom or to use when taking a bubble bath. I use it when I’m doing my makeup and hair to go out somewhere and it always lifts my mood instantly!  They have many candle accessories (such as this carousel) as well that make your candles sparkle a little brighter.

Another option that is more budget friendly is Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day soy candles. They are made with soy wax and essential oils. The Lavender smells really nice and the Peony is wonderful. I really like their seasonal scents like Apple Cider and Iowa Pine.



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