As we start on year 3 of the pandemic so much has changed in all of our lives. Some things we did in the beginning of it are not the same as what we are doing now. About a year ago I discovered the only mask our family now uses. It’s called MaskC and is incredibly popular not only for its great look and comfort but for its quality as well. They are the best I have found and not only offer great masks for adults but now for kids as well.

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I had a very hard time finding masks that would fit for my daughter. Adult masks were way too big for her face and we tried everything from binder clips in the back to hold straps together, to tying them (which just wasn’t comfortable or easy to put on or take off), and the only “kids” masks we could find which were of really poor quality. Once we found MaskC we never looked back. Then in fall, they developed a children’s size and she happily wears it, puts it on and takes it off completely on her own, needing no help and loves the colors and patterns just for her.

I am now an ambassador for the company, but I used them long before I was and would continue to even if I wasn’t. Unfortunately, there will be need for masks in our lives for a long time to come (especially with travel) and I hope to use the best that I can for myself and my family, and for me, that is MaskC.

Use the coupon code Jaimarie20 to get a 20% discount on your order at the MaskC website.



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