In The Suitcase

Here are some of our favorite products and things we take when we travel.  I’m including where to get them with the link. They have worked well for us and hopefully it will give you ideas for your next trip.

    • Monkey Backpack 2 in 1 Harness – One of the best items we use for travel is our Monkey Backpack. She thinks its a stuffed animal and a backpack and when things get a little crazy we can hold on to the tail for safety. It’s great and she loves it. There are other animal choices as well.

Monkey Backpack

  •  Green Sprouts Toddler Water Bottle Cap Adaptor – Another amazing item we have and love is this water bottle adaptor. They have them for baby bottles too but this is perfect for a toddler.  It fits just about any water bottle, is BPA free and doesn’t leak. It has a lid and makes getting enough water (especially in Summer or heat) so easy.  No backwash in the water bottle and it is easy to clean. She carries one with her daily and because of it drinks more often and spills less then a sippy cup. You can give them milk or juice too – just fill up a water bottle with it and use the adaptor!                        


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