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Welcome to A Tiny Suitcase! I am Jaimarie and I’m the Mom of a 2 year old girl named Gianna, caretaker of Cherie, a small Yorkshire Terrier and wife of an Englishman named Nick. I traveled frequently for work and pleasure in the past alone and with my husband. I had a popular travel website and blog called JetSet before I was a Mom and wrote for a few magazines, but nothing prepared us for traveling with a baby (now a toddler). It’s another world.

Traveling with children requires much more planning and preparing lots of distracting entertainment. No matter whether you travel by plane or car, for fun or necessity long hours of sitting still take a toll on kids who keep asking “Are We There Yet?”.

A Tiny Suitcase is built around our family love of travel. When our daughter was a new baby we travelled to visit family (our family is spread into multiple countries) quite frequently. As new parents traveling internationally with a 3 month old, we learned SO much. This is your one stop for trip planning, suggestions of kid friendly adventures for the whole family and great products we love.  Travel with us on our family vacations to keep updated on our new kid friendly discoveries. I hope you and your whole family come back often and let me know the tips that work for you and what you want to see here next!

We are now living between The Bahamas and California for my husband’s work at the beautiful Baha Mar and I am on a break from my former career as a film and tv actress.

In all of the travel I did with my previous job I learned a lot about packing and having  to make things easy for quick trips.  I have a disease called Endometriosis that makes travel a bit tough sometimes but check out the Endo Section for more tips and tricks there (especially good if you have it or know someone who does).

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