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Since my daughter was born we have traveled all over the place.  Both to visit family and for work we are always getting on a plane or in a car for our next family adventure. I loved to travel before being a Mom but nothing could have prepared me for the fun that was in store for me traveling with a baby and now a toddler.

Most parents dread traveling with kids (especially on an airplane) because it can be incredibly stressful.  Long delays (either airlines or traffic) as well as  remembering everything (and everyone!) can really take it’s tole on you. The one thing I have found to help with this (and even eliminate most of the stress) is planning, Here you will find some of my best tips and advice I have learned traveling with a kid.

  1. Be Flexible – Things change, luggage gets lost, things are closed.  You never know what will happen on a trip so make the most of it and make all the new and different things an adventure.
  2. Pack Snacks – Who doesn’t like snacks? Little tummies that can’t tell time need snacks and lots of them. When meal times aren’t the same as normal (because of time change, missing a meal on a flight, etc) having snacks available is the key to avoiding cranky kids. It serves two purposes – filling up tummies and keeping hands (and mouths!) busy while they enjoy their snack.
  3. The “Bag Of Fun” – the easiest thing I have found for long trips is a clear zippered bag (makeup or travel bags work great) or one with many zippers.  Fill with small toys, stickers, activity pad, etc that your child hasn’t seen yet. Theme to where you’re traveling. Having new surprises and being able to put them in their own bag makes time pass much quicker on travel days.

More to come!


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