Dance In The Rain

The Summer weather has been wild lately and it has been raining with thunderstorms so we took advantage of our chance this to dance in the rain! Check it out on Instagram!


Dance like no one is watching


Yarn Bombing

I watched a Ted Talk recently about a worldwide movement called “Yarn Bombing” I had never heard of.  It seems to be all around the world and takes a lot of work to make their “bombs”! What do you think? Cool and creative or annoying?



Travel Under 2

When I was pregnant with my daughter a good friend told me to try to travel as much as we could when she was still a young baby. At the time of midnight feedings and a new baby we were just learning about, this sounded so overwhelming and staying at home seemed like the much easier option. Her reasoning for this was not only for the baby to become comfortable traveling while still young enough to adapt to it, but also because children under age two can fly on your lap (not as safe as purchasing their own seat with a car seat) for free. Once turning two they need their own purchased seat and are no longer a “lap riding infant”.

Since she was a newborn our family has been many amazing places and travel has become a very normal part of our lives with her.  She is now approaching two and we just bought her first airline ticket with her own seat. It’s more expensive now and she will still probably prefer to lay on us but the extra room for snacks and in flight entertainment will be a nice change.

Inspired by Luxury

If you like to travel and you have read articles in places like Yahoo! Travel, CNN Travel, Business Traveler USA and many more you have probably read something by “Luxury Fred” Sherman. He is a family friend and I really enjoy reading his blog and articles about his international trips and reviews. His specialty is luxury travel and between his blog, articles and YouTube you get a first hand look at his adventures up close.

I now travel with my family most of the time and my trips are quite different to his. It’s really interesting to see the places that he goes and to see him describe it in his pieces. He inspires you to book that next ticket to a new place! If you’re looking for an escape from your everyday life check out Luxury Fred’s site.



Let The Adventures Begin

Welcome to A Tiny Suitcase! I am Jaimarie and I’m a Mom of a toddler girl and wife of an Englishman. I have traveled frequently for work and pleasure in the past both alone and with my husband. Nothing prepared us for traveling with a baby and now a toddler.

Traveling with children requires way more planning and preparing lots of distracting entertainment. No matter whether you travel by plane or car, for fun or necessity long hours of sitting still take a toll on young ones who wonder “Are We There Yet?”.

A Tiny Suitcase will help. This is your one stop for trip planning, suggestions of kid friendly adventures for the whole family and great products we love.  Travel with us on our family vacations to keep updated on our new kid friendly discoveries. I hope you and your whole family come back often and let me know the tips that work for you!