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Welcome to A Tiny Suitcase! I am Jaimarie and I’m a Mom of a toddler girl and wife of an Englishman. I have traveled frequently for work and pleasure in the past both alone and with my husband. Nothing prepared us for traveling with a baby and now a toddler.

Traveling with children requires way more planning and preparing lots of distracting entertainment. No matter whether you travel by plane or car, for fun or necessity long hours of sitting still take a toll on young ones who wonder “Are We There Yet?”.

A Tiny Suitcase will help. This is your one stop for trip planning, suggestions of kid friendly adventures for the whole family and great products we love.  Travel with us on our family vacations to keep updated on our new kid friendly discoveries. I hope you and your whole family come back often and let me know the tips that work for you!



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  1. Hi Jaimarie,
    I really like the idea of your blog! This is definitely an area that a lot of parents will relate to. I do not have any kids yet, but I do remember traveling when I was really little and my mom would always have so many activities available for my siblings and I to do on the flight. What is the best thing you have learned since traveling with your daughter?

    1. Hi Allie, I would have to say learning to be adaptable. Traveling with a child is more difficult because although we are used to the patience needed to travel they are not. Time in their world isn’t the same so long car trips or plane rides just don’t make sense. The best thing I’ve found to do is distract with new toys or yummy snacks they love (and require time to eat!). Thanks for the message!

  2. Jaimarie,
    Your blog already looks super cute! I love how you titled the different pages like “in the suitcase” and “trip tips”. Any little addition like this will raise the readers interest level!

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