Great Workouts You Can Do From Home

During the pandemic many people starting working out at home that never tried it before. For some people, home workouts were common but for others it was new territory. So many new options emerged in the last few years from online phone apps, Apple Fitness+, Peloton and more.

I love working out at home because it gives you the freedom to do it at anytime of day or night, with little to no preparation and it is a fantastic option if you have children. It is a great way to break up your day and if you are fortunate enough to have the time, it can be a lot of fun. It’s not for everyone, as some just prefer a gym and/or the company of a group for their fitness activities. If you’re willing to try something new, there are many great at home fitness options for all fitness levels. Below are links to some of my favorites and a list of some great fitness items that make working out at home fun and easy.



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