Yarn Bombing

I watched a Ted Talk recently about a worldwide movement called "Yarn Bombing" I had never heard of.  It seems to be all around the world and takes a lot of work to make their "bombs"! What do you think? Cool and creative or annoying? https://embed.ted.com/talks/magda_sayeg_how_yarn_bombing_grew_into_a_worldwide_movement   d1a4c498181d710c031a86782f6d290bc3f71d85b54651634e

Inspired by Luxury

If you like to travel and you have read articles in places like Yahoo! Travel, CNN Travel, Business Traveler USA and many more you have probably read something by "Luxury Fred" Sherman. He is a family friend and I really enjoy reading his blog and articles about his international trips and reviews. His specialty is … Continue reading Inspired by Luxury