Have You Heard About Amazon Aware?

Recently Amazon started a new program called Amazon Aware. All of their Amazon Aware products are certified as carbon neutral and feature certifications that are part of the Climate Pledge Friendly Program. I am very excited to find Amazon Aware because finding products with these certifications all in one place is very hard. Many of the fabrics used are organic (free of pesticides and other harmful chemicals) and the processes used to make these are less harmful to the Earth and in the long term (and short term) us as well. They have a range of Women’s Clothing, Men’s Clothing, Household Essentials, Beauty Products, and Bed & Bath Products. There is really something for almost everyone (I’m hoping a children’s range is next!) and multiple color options for each in great Spring/Summer colors. There are some great pieces in each line (both Women’s and Men’s) that would make a fantastic capsule wardrobe and is perfect for travel!



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