A Model Baby

When Gianna was just over one year old (exactly a year ago actually) she shot her first product packaging and print job as a model for the company Lulyboo. She had a great time doing it and enjoyed her first day in front of the camera at a professional photo studio.

I have worked as a model since I was a teenager and it was amazing to see her so comfortable on her first photo shoot (I know I wasn’t!). The whole team was so wonderful and knew just how to work with a baby and make her feel at ease. We shot in San Diego, California and she had a great day.

Here is her ad for their Shopping Cart & Highchair cover. It is perfect for travel and even has a place for a tablet or phone to keep kids busy while you shop or dine if you choose to. You can purchase it on the Lulyboo website, at Amazon, ToysRus, Walmart, BuyBuyBaby, Bed Bath and Beyond and many more retailers.

(Photos from Lulyboo’s website)

 Since then she has done more shoots and enjoys playing to the cameras (and all of the attention) but this was her first professional modeling job and we will never forget it and the wonderful crew she worked with at Lulyboo.



Monkeying Around

Some of the hottest toys for Christmas this last year were the Fingerling Monkeys. They are small little toy animals that make sounds and reactions based on your actions. They giggle, blow kisses, coo, and even fart and burp. Kids obsess over them and parents and other adults do too! Fingerlings are small so they are portable (great for travel) and have an on/off switch in addition to going to sleep after 5 minutes of not being played with.

When I saw these toys I set out to get one for my daughter for Christmas. I thought they were pretty fun, but I had NO IDEA how much she would love them! They truly are the toy of the year! Check out our new friends Bella & Finn!

Finn & Bella


You can get your own here and see how many fun actions and noises they will do!





Roses And Candles

Sometimes as a Mom you need something special just for you. For me, it’s flowers and candles. They make me happy and the smell can be an instant mood lifter.  I’m a sucker for anything with roses & the new essential oil candles from Bath & Body Works are fantastic.  🥀🌹 If you like the smell of roses, this candle is for you! It smells AMAZING! They have other scents, but I love the one below. You can get it in store or click the photo. It smells like fresh cut roses and is perfect for a bedroom, bathroom or to use when taking a bubble bath. I use it when I’m doing my makeup and hair to go out somewhere and it always lifts my mood instantly!

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