Have you tried Amazon Explore?

This last Summer when Delta had taken over and traveling internationally just wasn’t possible for us, my family decided do take a few trips right from our computer. I was offered a special deal to try out Amazon Explore and take my daughter on trips around the world daily – from home. We did this as sort of our Summer School. We would plan for what trip we were taking and what we were seeing there, then making dinners from that country and sometimes a fun craft as well. This has been happening for about 6 Months with Amazon and many of the sample trips we did in the beginning are no longer there and have been replaced with different ones.

It is a wonderful experience and almost all of the tour guides we had were amazing. We traveled to Paris, Japan, Barcelona, Madrid, Costa Rica, New Orleans, and so many more. Each tour was completely different depending on where it was, who was leading it and what you asked them to show you. You see and hear them and the area around them (most are walking tours) but they can only hear you (which must be very weird for them!). You can take photos as well which you can download and save of your trip. I have heard they are now doing group tours as well to cut costs but we didn’t experience any of those. There are many more we can’t wait to take. If you’re looking for a fun, cultural, educational experience for the whole family to make the world around them see a little more available right now, check out Amazon Explore.



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