Ethel M – Travel Spotlight

One of my favorite places this time of year is a 40 year old chocolate factory in Las Vegas, NV (actually about 15 min away in Henderson) called Ethel M Chocolates. While you can have their sweets delivered (see their website) but the best part about them in my opinion is that you are allowed (for free!) to tour their factory in a self guided tour. You can see them actually making the chocolates by hand and at the end of a tour recieve a free sample. They have a cafe for lunch but they also have the largest Cactus Garden in the Southwest United States (over 3 acres!).

The company was started by the son of Ethel Mars (yes, of Mars and M&M candy) who moved to Las Vegas and opened his own company. During the holidays, they light up the Cactus Garden and have a walking tour throughout with music, hot cocoa and even Santa Claus (please check their website/social media as things are constantly changing due to the pandemic). Their chocolates make a wonderful Vegas souvenir for yourself or others and I find it to be one of Las Vegas’ hidden gems.

It is a must see on any trip!



Ethel M

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