Gratitude Cloche Hat

When the weather gets colder, it’s so much fun for me to create clothes and accessories to keep us warmer. One of the seasonal projects I just finished is a beautiful girl’s 1920’s style Cloche hat with an inside band of “gratitude ribbon”. It was ribbon I had leftover from another project, that matched my color scheme but it created the reminder to be thankful (and is now called the “Cloche gratitude hat” 😉).

Cloche is French for “bell” and the style of hat was incredibly popular in the 1920’s and originally created by Parisian designer Caroline Reboux. Here is my girl’s Winter version from a VFT pattern out of a holly thick fabric, with red satin lining and sewn satin ribbon rose. I am currently studying historical costuming and really enjoyed having an opportunity to remake one of the popular accessories from this time with a modern twist.

Happy Holidays!


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